SBC 1000/2000 4.1.x : Applying an SBA Security Template

This operation is optional allowing SBA administrators to configure the security settings for roles, role services, and features on the SBA. This basically applies security rules to the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system on the ASM hosting the SBA.

You can do so by either #Applying a Predefined Security Template, or #Importing a Custom Security Template of choice. The following is a list of the main groups of security rules that are modified:

  • Microsoft OS Services
  • Microsoft OS Networking Firewall
  • Microsoft OS Registry Values
  • Microsoft OS Audit
  • Microsoft OS SCE Templates

Applying a Predefined Security Template

Once the security template is applied, the action cannot be reversed. In order to disable the security template, the ASM has to be re-initialized.

Below is a summarized list of the primary security settings that will be applied by the stronger security rules template :

  • Enables data execution protection
  • Enables firewall
  • Disables domain users from logging into the ASM
  • Enables only local administrator login
  1. Click the Apply Stronger Security Rules Template.

  2. Click OK. The operation will take up to to 5 minutes to complete.

Importing a Custom Security Template

You will need a Windows Server 2008 security template XML file created using the Microsoft Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) to proceed with this operation.