SBC 1000/2000 4.1.x : Configuring the System Date and Time

The Sonus SBC 1000/2000 system allows you to either set the date and time manually, or have it configured such that the system clock gets automatically synchronized with a Time Server via Network Time Protocol (NTP).

Setting the Date and Time on Sonus SBC 1000/2000

It is always recommended to configure the Sonus SBC 1000/2000 with a Time Server via NTP. This ensures the Sonus SBC 1000/2000's clock settings are accurate and will minimize common certificate issues when integrating with devices via TLS.

To set the date and time:

  1. In the WebUI, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, go to System > Node-Level Settings.

  3. Click the Set Date/Timelink at the top of the Node-Level Settings page.

  4. Click on the Calendar Widget and select a date, or manually enter a date in the Today's Date text field.
  5. Enter a time in the Current Time text field.
    (info) The time must be entered in the form hh:mm:ss and must be in a 24-hour format (e.g., 14:25:55).
  6. Click OK.