SBC 1000/2000 4.1.x : Working with Enhanced 911 Devices

Emergency Services functionality is an essential and important feature in support of E911 and 911 feature in SBC 1000/200  product family.

In the Lync E911 architecture, ELIN number is the PSAP callback number for the 911 operator to callback the 911 caller. This feature is  generic enough to work for both Lync E911 ELIN environment and regular 911/E911 environment. In the regular 911/E911 environment, if a PSTN user or SIP user calls 911, it is identified as an emergency call by using the priority configured in routing table and use the callback number configured in Callback table from Transformation table. The feature can also use the company name field configured in the Lync location services as the authoritative callback number for the 911 operator to reach the emergency reporter.

Emergency Calls are logged in emergency call status table whenever the SBC identifies the call as an emergency and raises an alarm to alert the operator. Call Forking or Call routing on failure are provided as part of existing call routing functionality.

For more detailed information, see the pages listed below.

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