SBC 1000/2000 4.1.x : Working with ISDN


ISDN is supported on the Sonus SBC 1000/2000 DS1 interface. Each DS1 interface can be configured for T1 or E1. Sonus SBC 1000/2000 supports both "ISDN to ISDN" and "ISDN to/from SIP" calls.

Sonus SBC 1000/2000 Supports ISDN PRI trunks with the following ISDN variants:

  • Q.SIG
  • EuroISDN
  • Nortel DMS-100
  • National ISDN Number 2 (NI-2)
  • AT&T 4ESS
  • AT&T 5ESS
  • NTT INS NET 1500

Managing ISDN Signaling Groups