The /credit_card API Calls

The credit card object represents a user's credit card and can be used to tokenize credit cards.
The following calls let you create, view, and modify credit card objects.

Credit Card States

The credit card object has the following states and possible state transitions:
new The credit card was just created by the application.
authorized The credit card was authorized either with an immediate charge or the /credit_card/authorize call. You can use the credit_card_id to charge this card in the future.
expired The credit card was created but you did not charge the card or call /credit_card/authorize within 30 minutes.
deleted The credit card was deleted or there was a failed credit card authorization attempt.
invalid You tried to charge the card but the response we received indicated that the card is completely invalid and can never be charged (e.g., billing address check (AVS) failure).


Use this call to lookup the details of a credit card you have tokenized.


Parameter Required Type Description Example
client_id Yes Integer (64 bits) The ID for your API application. You can find it on your application's dashboard.
client_secret Yes String (255 chars) The secret for your API application. You can find it on your application's dashboard.
credit_card_id Yes Integer (64 bits) The unique ID of the credit_card you want to look up.


Response Type Description Example
credit_card_id Integer (64 bits) The unique ID of the credit_card.
  "credit_card_name":"MasterCard xxxxxx4769",
  "user_name":"Bob Smith",
  "expiration_month": 4,
  "expiration_year": 2020,
  "last_four": "4769"
credit_card_name String (255 chars) The string that identifies the credit_card such as MasterCard xxxxxx4769.
state String (255 chars) The state that the credit card is in.
user_name String (255 chars) The name on the card (e.g., Bob Smith).
email String (255 chars) The email address of the user who owns the card.
create_time Integer (64 bits) The unixtime when the credit_card was created.
input_source String (255 chars) The input source of the credit card. Possible values are card_keyed, card_swiped, card_transfer, card_emv, card_fallback_swipe, card_fallback_keyed, and card_recurring
virtual_terminal_mode String (255 chars) The virtual terminal mode of the credit card. Possible values are mobile, web, none.
reference_id String (255 chars) The unique reference ID of the credit_card.
expiration_month Integer (32 bits) The expiration month on the credit card.

Possible values: Integers between 1 and 12.

expiration_year Integer (32 bits) The expiration year on the credit card.
last_four String (4 chars) The last four digits of the credit card number.