SBC 1000/2000 4.1.x : Enabling the DHCP Client


The DHCP client can be enabled during initial configuration, or later on a per interface basis through the Logical Interface configuration.


Although enabling DHCP on multiple interfaces is supported, the recommendation is to enable only one interface with DHCP, or unexpected results may occur.  If two interfaces are configured with DHCP enabled, there will be two different default routes, DNS servers, and/or NTP servers.  Because of this, it could be unpredictable which servers will be used.  If using multiple interfaces, you should assign the additional IP addresses via static configuration.

Enable DHCP on a logical interface as follows:

  1. In the WebUI, click the Settings tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, go to Node Interface> Logical Interfaces.
  3. Select the desired Interface (i.e., Ethernet 1 IP).
  4. Click the expand ( ) next to the interface you wish to modify.
  5. From the IP Assign Method drop down box, select DHCP. For more information about the Logical Interfaces fields, see Configuring and Modifying Logical Interfaces.